8 Essential Tips for Beginners of Newborn Photography

newborn photographyUnlike other forms of photography that requires you to travel often or bring plenty of gear, newborn photography is somehow a bit easier and less stressful. A newborn photographer usually takes pictures inside the client’s home or in his/her own photo studio. DSLR cameras and several lenses are commonly used to get the newborn shots.

In newborn photography, the subject is an adorable newborn baby who is less than 2 weeks old. The baby’s physique is soft and fragile thus safety precautions should be followed. This also means that aside from the skills, experience and gear, a photographer must also know how to handle a newborn before he/she can be a considered a professional newborn photographer.

For beginners, it can be a great challenge to get started in newborn photography or in any form of professional photography. They need to gain the right skills, learn through practical training and experience and study how to handle babies in a photo shoot.

Here are some essential for beginners who want to become great in newborn photography.

  1. Know your gear

Cameras and lenses are among the things that you will use in taking pictures of the baby. These things, though, differ based on model, brand and specifications. You have to buy the most suitable camera and lenses then study how to use each.

  1. Give tips to the parents on how to keep their baby asleep

Parents, particularly, first timers, are not aware on what to do or how to prepare for a newborn shoot. Guide them by giving tips on what their baby should wear, how to make their baby ready and comfortable for the newborn shoot.

  1. Check the props and accessories

The blankets, faux fur, headbands, hats, baskets, and similar that you buy must be safe for babies. Check each one thoroughly before buying and even when you already bought them and you’re about to use for a shoot.

  1. Have a look at the scene

A cluttered background will not only destroy the whole scene but it can be dangerous for a newborn or for babies in general. You have to clear the scene from clutter so the focus will remain on the baby.

  1. Keep the room warm

Remember that babies love a warm environment, so whether, you will have it in the studio or the client’s house, you have to make sure that the room or place is warm.

  1. Get an assistant

You can either have someone watch over the baby and stay beside him/her while you are taking pictures or request for a parent to do it. This is one way to ensure that the baby is safe during the shoot since accidents may happen anytime.

  1. Practice often

During your free time, practice shooting inside your studio. Use a doll as your model or find a real baby then experiment with your shots. Through practice, you will learn what camera modes are best to use, how to adjust to low light situations and even how to choose the props to use.

  1. Read to get ideas and learn more

You can learn essential information by visiting websites of other professional photographers like that of John Warren Photography and Andy Mitty. Read their blogs on photography and try to apply every new shooting tip you learn. You can also join forums for photographers so you can learn more and at the same time be able to build wonderful relationships with them.

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