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A Guide to Photographing Children

Taking photos of children can be a challenge. Children have their own way of doing and thinking of things that it would hard for one to ask them to do something, especially if you are not the child’s parent. But things don’t have to be that difficult for you as a children’s photographer. With some tips we will be sharing here.

Patience is they key

First things first, one must realize that children act the way they do and it would be difficult to control it given their age and level of maturity. With that realization, avoid stressing yourself out and learn to have a little more patience than usual. The best thing you can do though is to ask them nicely to do what you want them to do. If they won’t listen, don’t force them to. Be patient with them and let them be and wait for them to come around. They eventually will.


Be always prepared for anything

Children are unpredictable by nature. Thus, you never know what they will do at any given moment, not to mention if that moment would be something to smile or cry about. In any case, it is always good to be prepared. You never know when that magical, photograph-worthy moment would come. And when it does, be quick. And that’s not just referring to you but also to your camera that it has been set to capture those quick moments. It would be handy to set your camera to burst mode to capture multiple images on the press of the shutter.

Use natural light and flash on your subject

As much as possible, use natural lighting when photographing children. Natural light helps accentuate the soft features of your subject. However there may be some situations where natural light is either unavailable or may not be good, you may opt to use a flash. However, you should avoid using direct flash and let the flash on the subject from a different direction and let it bounce off. Otherwise, this produces harsh shadows and the subject looks “flattened out,” making your subject look unnatural

Carefully choose the focus mode to use

Capturing moving subjects requires the right settings for your camera. It makes it even more complicated when a camera has different focus modes available. It is important first to be familiar with these modes and for what purpose each of them serves.


Be not afraid to play and goof around

Oftentimes, us adults worry about looking silly and that we may get to lose our pride when we play with children. But if you’re going to make a mark as a child photographer like that wedding photographer hull, you have to allow yourself to get into such playful mood from time to time. This not only helps you understand your subject better and discover what makes him/her shine for the camera, it can also help unravel some camera-worthy moments that would make your subject stand out. Not to mention, it also is an opportunity for you to relax and have fun in the midst of work too.

Let the kids take control

As was talked about here earlier, you are not in control when you attempt to photograph kids. So don’t stress yourself out in trying to assert control. Let the kids have fun in doing what they like to do and go along with it and be less of an interference. You never know during one of those moments that something beautiful of a moment come for you to take advantage of. Approach the work you will do not as someone trying to capture the best photos but as someone having fun, with the great photos you will be able to take as a bonus.

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