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How to Start Your Own Photo Studio at Home

home photo studioWhen starting a photography business, the photographer has the option to put up a studio or not. If the photographer is into street photography or similar form of photography, then it is not that necessary to have a studio. But then, for wedding photographer essex, newborn photographers, portrait photographers and the like, putting up a studio is quite necessary.

A studio can serve as the shooting location as well as the equipment storage. You can accept clients in the studio and at the same time assign an area where you can keep your prized stuff. For those who are not comfortable with having to travel to go to your studio every day and paying for the rent, a practical option is to start your own photo studio at home.

Creating a home photo studio is not that easy though. You have to know where to start, what to do, and what you need. You need to consider the space, equipment needed, availability of light, comfort of the client and many other factors.

To help you get started with your home photo studio, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Find a quiet area in your house

A quiet area where your clients can comfortably wait for their turn for a shoot is advisable. Your clients also need some privacy and if a family member of your suddenly gets in or make noises, then clients surely won’t like it. They might not come back to your studio again. Moreover, a quiet studio can allow you to work easily and without hassle especially during post production.

  1. Divide the space into three areas

Your home studio needs to have a receiving area where your other clients can wait while you’re attending to another one, a shooting area where you take pictures, and storage or post production area where you can keep your valuable equipment secured. Plan carefully how to divide the space and where to designate areas.

  1. Set the ceiling high and the space to zoom wide

The ceiling, shooting area and windows are important to consider when planning a home photo studio. You need a high ceiling so you can efficiently bounce off light whenever necessary and to use high light with ease. The ceiling must be at least 3 feet apart from a standing client. Also, the space of your studio must be wide enough to allow you to zoom in. Small space would make it difficult for you to zoom in thus creating a distorted image.

  1. Choose an area where light can get in

If possible, find a location where light from the sun can get in. It would be best if you have a big window where you can let sunlight in. Prepare also some cover like curtains or blinds to use when limiting the light if it is too bright during the day.

  1. Buy the right stuff

There are items you have to buy for your studio. You need backdrops, backdrop stands, light modifiers, flashes and props to use for studio photo sessions. You can buy backdrop textile of various styles and texture or you can choose to be practical and go for wall mount with rolls of paper as backdrop. You can also buy artificial light sources if you think it is really necessary but make sure to bounce it off using umbrella or other light modifiers.

If you need more assistance, you can get tips from fellow professional photographers like this photographer reading or get ideas online on how to start your own photo studio at home.

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