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Is It Necessary to Have a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot?

pre-wedding shootA lot of wedding photography packages today include a pre-wedding shoot of the couple. Pre-wedding shoots are becoming a well-grabbed opportunity for the couple as part of their preparation for the big day.

A pre-wedding shoot can be done in any location preferred by the couple. It can be at the park where they first met, in the coffee shop where they usually hang out, in a popular landmark or any place significant to the couple. The pictorial may last from 1 to 3 hours depending on what is agreed by the photographer and the engaged pair.

A wedding photo package that includes a pre-wedding shoot is, of course, more expensive than the standard package. The additional cost will depend on what the photographer deems reasonable, some will add only a little amount will others require a higher fee.

If you are in doubt whether to have a pre-wedding photo shoot or not, then here are several reasons it is necessary to have this kind of shoot.

  1. Be comfortable in front of the camera

Some of us are camera shy and we feel awkward being photographed in romantic or sweet poses. Through the pre-wedding photo shoot, you and your partner can become more comfortable in front of the lens. This can help you prepare better for the wedding. Your wedding photographer Warwickshire can plan which complimenting poses and angles should be retained or done in the actual wedding.

  1. Create more fun and sweet memories

The pre-wedding photo shoot could be a good time for you and your partner to have fun and create more memories together. If you haven’t tried a couple shoot before, then this can be your very first which makes it more significant and worth trying.

  1. Build rapport with the photographer

This can help you get to know your photographer and you can possibly build a great rapport. A wonderful rapport between you as couple and your photographer can help you easily work hand in hand in producing wedding pictures. The more you get to know the photographer, the more you can be more comfortable with each other.

  1. Complete the love story on your wedding album

Your pre-wedding pictures can be a wonderful add-on to your wedding album. It can present how your love had started (pre-wedding) and how it developed (wedding). It can complete your love story with a happy every after in marriage.

  1. Lessen your worries about getting ugly wedding photos

If you are worried that your photographer might not be skilled enough to produce brilliant wedding photos, then the pre-wedding shoot can help you assess how competent he or she is. During the shoot, you can observe how the wedding photographer works. Once you have received the pictures you can check if the pictures are pleasing or not. If you do not like what you see, then you can talk it over to the photographer and cancel any agreement. You can then look for better photographers like those from Tux and Tales Photography.

It is definitely necessary for you and your partner to have a pre-wedding photo shoot if you want your wedding to be a success.

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Wedding Photography Tips That Apply 100% of the Time

wedding photographyWeddings take a lot of time to prepare. A couple who is planning to tie the knot needs all the help they can get to make this big day successful and memorable. They have to plan and take into consideration everything they need for the wedding. They need to choose wedding venue, look for wedding suppliers and of course hire wedding professionals.

Needless to say, one professional that is in demand during weddings is a photographer. Couples surely want the memories of their special day to be kept through pictures. This is one reason that the wedding photography industry continue to bloom. There are many photographers who chose to focus on wedding photography but not all of them manage to succeed or stay on top.

There are plenty of things you need to learn in wedding photography and if you persistent in pursuing this field, then the tips below is a good start for you. These tips are common yet effective in making your job as a wedding photographer easier.

  1. Always prepare no matter how big or small the wedding

No matter how few the guests are or how simple the wedding is, you need to always do the necessary preparations to ensure that your coverage will be successful. Scout the location, join wedding rehearsals, schedule appointments with the couple and pack your wedding equipment at least a day before the wedding are among the wedding preparations you should do.

  1. Familiarize your equipment

Cameras differ in some ways so you will have to familiarize your camera’s settings especially if you have just bought it. Study and test the different shooting modes, dials and controls of the camera. Practice also shooting and use different lenses to know which one is best to use. You can also try to go online and get tips on what shoots to take. Have a look at the site of these wedding photographers cambridgeshire to grasp great ideas that will further guide you in covering a wedding.

  1. Prepare a wedding shot list

Even if you are planning to use the documentary photography style, it is still recommended that you ask for a wedding shot list from the couple or prepare it yourself. This list will serve as your guide on what photos are important for the couple, what moments to take shots of or who among the guests you should photograph.

  1. Know someone from the inside

It will be easier for you to know what or who to shoot especially for formal portrait shots if you know someone from any of the couple’s family. He/she can assist you in calling the family member that you need to photographer or in making your way around the wedding.

  1. Bring more than one camera and lens

Always bring an extra of each gear – back up camera, extra lenses, spare memory cards and batteries. This is to prepare you for any unexpected event that might happen. Your camera might suddenly malfunction or your battery suddenly goes battery low. You have to be prepared for all of these. Professional photographers of Tux and Tales Photography always bring more than one DSLR and lenses.

You cannot master wedding photography in just a short time. You need to continuously practice, gain knowledge and hone your skills. Never limit yourself in learning only the basics. Move forward and learn more advanced techniques once you have understood the basics.

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